CID Progress Report

Tucker and Northlake are moving forward with creation of the Tucker/Northlake Community Improvement District (CID).  The Northlake CID Formation Committee, which is independent from the NCA Board of Trustees,  has attended several training sessions on initiating contacts with business and property owners.  The committee has also been researching the tax records of DeKalb County and other sources to identify owners and users (usually lessees) at specific addresses in the tax records.  There will be several joint meetings in the future with particular sector representatives such as banking and hospitality industries.  A new brochure has been created and will be available for meetings.  Direct contacts with property owners will commence very soon.

The CID Formation Committee, of which this author is a member,  wishes to reiterate that this effort to create the combined Tucker/Northlake CID is not in any way associated with efforts to form the cities of Tucker, Briarcliff or Lakeside (or others).  CID’s can exist within or outside of cities and operate independently.

The NCA Board of Trustees and the CID Formation Committee hope all of you to have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


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