Northlake CID Formation Committee Partners with Tucker CID

The NCA Board took action recently to create a Community Improvement District (CID) Formation Committee and explore partnering with the existing Tucker CID Formation Committee.  Several meetings of these committees were held and both agreed to partner in expanding the Tucker CID into Northlake.  The soon be re-named CID, upon approval of the County, will be known as the Tucker/Northlake CID.  Materials are being developed now which will be used to help educate local businesses which will be asked to join the CID effort.  This effort and CID program is not associated in any way with local efforts to create new cities of Tucker, Lakeside, Briarcliff or others.

The CID program is a tool for raising local tax funding, paid exclusively by businesses, to fund public improvements, provide security, signage, beautification and maintenance of landscaping.  CID’s are eligible for major federal, state, regional and local grants and many have used locally raised CID tax income to leverage a 10 – 1 return on monies used for such improvements.  That is, every dollar of CID funds can be matched for approximately 10 dollars of grant funding.  For example, Perimeter CID has used CID funding to pay for the relatively new bridge over I-285, for the Hammond Drive interchange on Ga 400, and for the new diverging lane interchange at Ashford Dunwoody Rd and I-285.  Most of the money for those improvements came from grants.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting program to take shape for Northlake.

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