NCA 2013 Annual Meeting to Focus on Leadership in Public Education

NCA’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2013, 7:00 pm at Briarlake Baptist Church, Back Lot Building, will focus on what the new leadership in the DeKalb County School Board will do to overcome the problems it currently has.  We have invited Acting Superintendent Michael Thurmond to speak, and have confirmations from District 4 School Board Representative and Vice Chair Jim McMahon and Dr. Karen Wheel-Carter, Super District 8 School Board Representative.  They will talk about what they are doing to correct the problems that lead to SACS placing it on Probation, and to get the DeKalb School system back on top.


There will be a brief business meeting to re-elect NCA Trustees whose terms end in July.  They are: Tom Ulbricht (Civic Rep), Dale Phillips (Civ), Charles DeWitt (Bus), Tim Thilman (Res), Van Johnson (Bus & Civ), Sue Storck (Bus), Matthew Stancil (Bus), and Brad Spratte (Bus). Mark your calendars and join us for this timely and important meeting.

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