Tucker/Northlake CID Meeting Dates

Information dissemination about expansion of the Tucker Community Improvement District into Northlake is underway. Three meetings have been scheduled on consecutive days in January to give business owners and managers an opportunity to attend. There will be a brief presentation at each meeting to explain the benefits and cost for joining the CID. This is a very important tool for enhancing the economic viability and stability of the Northlake business district.  Please see the dates under Calendar in this website and please RSVP to:
Ann Rosenthal at <mailto:ann@tuckercid.com> ann@tuckercid.com
or call 404-245-3584 to RSVP.

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CID Progress Report

Tucker and Northlake are moving forward with creation of the Tucker/Northlake Community Improvement District (CID).  The Northlake CID Formation Committee, which is independent from the NCA Board of Trustees,  has attended several training sessions on initiating contacts with business and property owners.  The committee has also been researching the tax records of DeKalb County and other sources to identify owners and users (usually lessees) at specific addresses in the tax records.  There will be several joint meetings in the future with particular sector representatives such as banking and hospitality industries.  A new brochure has been created and will be available for meetings.  Direct contacts with property owners will commence very soon.

The CID Formation Committee, of which this author is a member,  wishes to reiterate that this effort to create the combined Tucker/Northlake CID is not in any way associated with efforts to form the cities of Tucker, Briarcliff or Lakeside (or others).  CID’s can exist within or outside of cities and operate independently.

The NCA Board of Trustees and the CID Formation Committee hope all of you to have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


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Northlake CID Formation Committee Partners with Tucker CID

The NCA Board took action recently to create a Community Improvement District (CID) Formation Committee and explore partnering with the existing Tucker CID Formation Committee.  Several meetings of these committees were held and both agreed to partner in expanding the Tucker CID into Northlake.  The soon be re-named CID, upon approval of the County, will be known as the Tucker/Northlake CID.  Materials are being developed now which will be used to help educate local businesses which will be asked to join the CID effort.  This effort and CID program is not associated in any way with local efforts to create new cities of Tucker, Lakeside, Briarcliff or others.

The CID program is a tool for raising local tax funding, paid exclusively by businesses, to fund public improvements, provide security, signage, beautification and maintenance of landscaping.  CID’s are eligible for major federal, state, regional and local grants and many have used locally raised CID tax income to leverage a 10 – 1 return on monies used for such improvements.  That is, every dollar of CID funds can be matched for approximately 10 dollars of grant funding.  For example, Perimeter CID has used CID funding to pay for the relatively new bridge over I-285, for the Hammond Drive interchange on Ga 400, and for the new diverging lane interchange at Ashford Dunwoody Rd and I-285.  Most of the money for those improvements came from grants.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting program to take shape for Northlake.

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Annual Meeting 2013 Wrap-Up

NCA’s Annual Meeting was attended by 110 people who heard from DeKalb County School Board members, Jim McMahon (V. Chairman), Dr. Karen Carter, and acting superintendent Michael Thurmond.  They painted a picture of progress by the new board towards bringing the school system out of SACS probationary status and working toward improved academic achievement by students.  Mr. Thurmond outlined numerous things that have been done to date to correct problems including improvements in the school system’s budget.  They are in process of saving $5 million in school board litigation by using in-house counsel instead of local attorneys.    Since starting, Mr. Thurmond helped the finance staff identify several  million dollars previously unaccounted for.

The School Board is trying harder to engage parents in supporting their students in various ways to boost their academic achievement.  There was an extensive question and answer period during the NCA Annual Meeting where these three speakers answered numerous questions from the audience.  All were answered and people left the meeting with a better understanding of what is being done.  The School Board is evidently in capable hands and making progress.

Thanks go to Mr. McMahon, Dr. Carter, and Mr. Thurmond for taking time to spend with NCA and the Community.  Thanks go again to Briarlake Baptist Church for hosting the NCA Annual Meeting.  Please see the photographs included with this posting.

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NCA 2013 Annual Meeting to Focus on Leadership in Public Education

NCA’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2013, 7:00 pm at Briarlake Baptist Church, Back Lot Building, will focus on what the new leadership in the DeKalb County School Board will do to overcome the problems it currently has.  We have invited Acting Superintendent Michael Thurmond to speak, and have confirmations from District 4 School Board Representative and Vice Chair Jim McMahon and Dr. Karen Wheel-Carter, Super District 8 School Board Representative.  They will talk about what they are doing to correct the problems that lead to SACS placing it on Probation, and to get the DeKalb School system back on top.


There will be a brief business meeting to re-elect NCA Trustees whose terms end in July.  They are: Tom Ulbricht (Civic Rep), Dale Phillips (Civ), Charles DeWitt (Bus), Tim Thilman (Res), Van Johnson (Bus & Civ), Sue Storck (Bus), Matthew Stancil (Bus), and Brad Spratte (Bus). Mark your calendars and join us for this timely and important meeting.

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Community Shred Day, 2012 Wrap-Up

Thanks go to Resurgens Bank staff, Eagle Secure Shredding staff, NCA board members and volunteers, and to the students and teachers from Henderson Middle School’s Builders Club and Economics Club, all of whom made Community Shred Day, 2012 a real success!  We served over 200 people who brought their old tax records, bank statements, and other sensitive documents to be safely and securely shredded.  We hope to do it again in 2013.

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Wrap-Up of NCA Annual Meeting, 2012

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Northlake Community Alliance, 2012 was excellent with an outstanding presentation by Michael Paris on the upcoming TSPLOST referendum.  The approximately 100 attendees learned a lot about the purpose, impacts and projects proposed for DeKalb County.  Chairman, Tom Ulbricht accepted a proclamation from Rep. Scott Holcomb of the Georgia Legislature, House Resolution 1718 by Reps, Scott Holcomb and Elena Parent, commending the NCA for the excellent work in and on behalf of the Northlake Community.   Mr. Ulbricht gave an update on activities of the NCA during the 2011-2012 year including the Community Shred Day in April and the Electronics Recycle Day in 2011.  By-Law amendments and the slate of returning Trustees was approved unanimously by the membership in attendance that evening.  Following are some photos of the Annual Meeting.

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Re-election of NCA Trustees (1/2 of the Board)

These Trustees were re-elected at the Annual Meeting.   Each Year at the NCA Annual Meeting, one-half of the Board of Trustees must be re-elected (if in good standing) as they serve on two-year staggered terms.  If there are vacancies on the Board, they may be filled at the Annual Meeting, however, there are no vacancies at this time.  All presented herein are in good standing.  These will be duly advertised in the DeKalb Champion Newspaper, the legal organ for DeKalb County, GA.   Those Trustees that will be presented for re-election at the Annual Meeting, May 10, 7:30 pm at Briarlake Baptist Church, back lot building, are:

TRUSTEE/OFFICER                      MBR. TYPE              ELEC./REELECT. DATES

1.  Kevin Skinner                                Residential                              2006, 08, 10, 12

2.  Brenda Norman                             Business                                  2000, 06, 08, 10, 12

3.  Dr. Allan Wasserman                   Residential                             2000, 06, 08, 10, 12

4.  Brian Mock                                       Business                                  2006, 08, 10, 12

5.  Debora Brown                                 Residential                              2002, 08, 10, 12

6.  Grant Knox                                       Residential                              2010, 12

7.  Leroy Tanker                                   Business                                   2011, 12



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NCA Bylaw Amendments Proposed for Annual Meeting, 2012

Each year, at its Annual Meeting, the NCA has an opportunity to amend its bylaws.  Several changes are proposed for 2012 which will align the bylaws with practice and application which change in most organizations over time.  It has been 10 years since the last amendment of the NCA bylaws so a few changes are proposed this year.  Some are “housekeeping” and correction to punctuation etc, others are recommended by the Officers and Board of Trustees.  The Trustees voted to approve the submission of these bylaws for advertising and presentation at the Annual Meeting  by a unanimous voted on February16, 2012   You may find a copy of the bylaws and the changes proposed under tab 2 above on this web site.  These will be duly advertised in the DeKalb Champion Newspaper, the legal organ for DeKalb County, GA.  They will then be placed before the NCA Organization membership, which will consist of the people who attend the Annual  meeting scheduled for May 10, 2012.  Details of this meeting and its agenda will be posted  on this site soon.  If you have questions or comments, please post a reply on this site.

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Community Shred Day, 2012 Scheduled for 9 am on 4/28, 2012

The Northlake Community Alliance, Inc will co-sponsor with Resurgens Bank and Eagle Secure Shredding, Inc, the 3rd annual Community Shred Day scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm in the parking lot of Resurgens Bank, located at 2300 Henderson Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30345.  This is an easy and safe way to dispose of old bank and tax records or other sensitive documents.  There is a 5 copier paper sized box or bag limit.  Tax exempt donations (suggested $2 per box) requested will support the continued work of the NCA to beautify and improve the Northlake community.

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