Sine Die – Farewell

The farewell reception at the Northlake Hampton was lovely, thanks to Brian Mock, GM, and Peggy Berg, Owner.  I gave a brief farewell speech on behalf of the NCA Board and thanked all of the past and present members and officers of the NCA Board of Trustees and Advisers.  Many people have volunteered for the numerous public events and beautification projects in the Northlake area and we owe all of you a great deal of appreciation for the hours of work that you gave to help our area become an even greater place to live, work and play.

As a board,  we received recognition from the Ga House and Senate and the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners for the wonderful volunteerism in the Northlake Area.  As the NCA Chair, I also received recognition from these elected officials and I believe it is because the Board and Advisers made me look good.  I certainly didn’t do it alone and I truly believe that our incredible teamwork made the difference.  I have been honored to serve the board, and our community, and I appreciate the opportunity to give back something to the community in which I have resided for over 40 years.  The final gavel has banged and we voted to “Sine Die” and end this chapter of our lives and begin a new one in support of the new Tucker-Northlake CID and the Northlake Business Association.  Farewell!!!

This website will remain up until the end of our contract with Network Solutions and Lunar Pages and will be taken down in July, 2016.

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NCA Honored by DeKalb County Commissioners

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the Board of Commissioners of DeKalb County read a proclamation honoring the work of the NCA Board over the 15 years of its existence.  Tom Ulbricht and George Wellborn represented NCA in receiving the beautiful proclamation.  Commissioner Jeff Rader made the presentation and each commissioner spoke about their appreciation of the work NCA has completed in this area of DeKalb County and its willingness to help other start-up organizations over the years.  Tom Ulbricht expressed, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, his thanks for this generous praise and for the beautiful proclamation.DSCN5747 DSCN5743

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NCA Farewell Invitation

The Northlake Community Alliance, Inc. will host a Farewell Reception for its Trustees, Advisers, supporters and volunteers at the Northlake Hampton Inn, 3400 Northlake Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30345,  on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  Please join us to say thank you to all of these selfless individuals who have given time, effort and money to making Northlake a better area in which to live, work and play.  Much has been accomplished during the 15 years of NCA’s existence and we want to celebrate these positive things.  Please join us for some casual fun around the Hampton Inn pool and conference room with some food and libation.

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Tom Ulbricht Honored at Surprise Presentation

At the March 19, 2015  NCA bi-monthly meeting, members of the Board, several Georgia legislators, a former legislator, friends and officers of the Tucker-Northlake CID held a surprise presentation for Chairman, Tom Ulbricht for his many years of service to the Northlake Community.  In a brief ceremony, they presented him with two beautifully framed Resolutions, those being Senate Resolution 263 and House Resolution 449 passed by these bodies in March of 2015.  Senator Steve Henson, State Representatives Scott Holcomb and Rep. Michele Henson presented these Resolutions with some kind words and reflection on years of association with NCA.  Additionally, former Representative and former DeKalb CEO Liane Levetan, spoke about her friendship with Tom since his employment in the DeKalb County Planning Department in the mid-1970’s when she first met him.  Mrs. Levetan, and her husband Phil, gave up a portion of her birthdayIMG_0054IMG_0050FullSizeRender evening to join the ceremony for Tom.  Additionally, Ann Rosenthal, President of the Tucker-Northlake CID, spoke about her association with Tom and the NCA Board.

Switching hats now to recipient:  I am truly blessed and honored to have been allied with these fine legislators and the fantastic past and present NCA Trustees and Advisers.  I cannot begin to explain what this tribute means to me personally, and as Chairman of NCA, to us all.  Together, we have accomplished much and now have the rare opportunity to leave our community much better off than before we started our mission.  I and other Trustees and Advisers, will continue to give back to this community through the Tucker-Northlake Community Improvement District and the Northlake Business Association both of which we  encouraged and helped to form. The plans that we developed in 2001 have now been updated through a contract with the CID and the new plan carries forth the vision that we have for our area.  With support of the members of the CID and the communities of Tucker and Northlake, we will soon realize the potential this area has long promised and we will soon be rewarded through new investment and economic development in our community.  Thanks to all who have supported NCA and me over the years. 

This website will be maintained through 2015 and likely into 2016, though the NCA tent will have been folded as of June 30, 2015.


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Board Acts to Sunset NCA

Last night, at the Northlake Community Alliance bi-monthly Board of Trustees meeting, we voted on an issue that was discussed at previous meetings – that of where do we as an organization go from here.  What role remains for us to play in the changing fabric of Northlake.  The bottom line is that there is little left for us to do in the areas in which we have been involved over the past 15 years.  The NCA Board voted to fold it’s tent on June 30, 2015.  Many of us will continue to contribute and support the Northlake area in different ways.  Our board will meet at least two more times, in March and May, in order to wind things up.  The board welcomes all to attend.

We, collectively as Trustees and Advisers, have had a significant impact on Northlake working together to obtain grant funding and public donations for plans and projects, to execute community events like shredding and recycle days, sponsoring many public forums and meetings on topics of interest, to assist Trees Atlanta plant and maintain hundreds of trees and other landscaping on Lavista Rd, Northlake Parkway and in the four quadrants of the Lavista/I-285 interchange.  We collaborated with citizens and businesses to develop a plan for the area and we worked hard to implement that plan to the tune of about $5 million of streetscape work.  (This includes the Phase 2 streetscape project which the county has indicated that the project is about ready to get underway sometime this year).

NCA also collaborated with the County to create a Compatible Use Overlay Ordinance that is guiding development in our community. We continue to review development plans for the area, and I hope we will continue doing that perhaps under the auspices of another community or business organization.  We collaborated with the Tucker Community Improvement District (CID) to expand it into Northlake in what is now known as the Tucker Northlake CID. Even Simon Northlake Mall has joined the CID. Through this organization, additional landscaping has been installed in the I-285/Lavista Rd quadrants and a major update to the Northlake and Tucker Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plans has been initiated.  This is huge and much needed.

NCA has, for years, urged creation of a Northlake Business Association to better serve the businesses in this area.  Three of our current or former Trustees have done this and they now have about 100 members and are doing great things for the business community.

We are all acutely aware of the “Citihood” efforts which will continue to play out during this, and I believe, successive State Legislative sessions. If one or more cities is ultimately created, that will also change the area relative to authority for planning, zoning, enforcement and development review.
NCA has passed the torch of most of the planning and implementation work to the CID and have essentially worked our way out of a role in this arena.  The CID and Business Association have political clout and a much greater ability to raise money to continue this work to make this a more livable, walkable and vibrant community that we all want it to be. The NCA Board of Trustees agrees that all of this is progress for Northlake and Tucker.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve this community on the NCA Board of Trustees, and to work closely with all of you over the years.  Thanks to all of the current and past members of the Board of Trustees and Advisers for your service and hard work.  Thanks especially for the wonderful support of our State Legislators, DeKalb County Commissioners, and county staff.  We could not have accomplished all that we have without that support. Lastly, thanks to all of you for your inspiration and many contributions toward making this the great area that it is.


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NCA Evaluating Future Directions

NCA is re-forming a “Futures Committee”, consisting of five current Trustees, which will meet before the November, 2014 board meeting.  The purpose of the committee is to evaluate future direction and opportunities for serving the Northlake community.  NCA must consider its future work relative to the recent establishment of the Tucker-Northlake CID, the new Northlake Business Association and the possibility of the creation of one or more new cities.  This committee will also consider how it will be able to fund future activities and overhead since there is no current funding stream.  If you have suggestions on either of these two critical elements, please contact Tim Thilman ( or Tom Ulbricht (

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Tucker-Northlake CID Name Now Official

At the August 7, 2014  meeting of the Tucker Community Improvement District (CID) Board they voted unanimously to rename the organization to the “Tucker-Northlake CID”.  To date, they have added 67 businesses in the Northlake business area to those Tucker businesses that were part of the original CID.  Together, the Tucker and Northlake business areas form a large CID boundary stretching from the Walmart in Tucker to I-285/Lawrenceville Highway interchange and from Northlake Mall area to Mountain Industrial Boulevard/Hugh Howell intersection.  It also has a reach as far north as the Pittsburgh Center where Chamblee-Tucker Road does a “dog leg”.  If/when all of the businesses in the entire area agree to become self-imposed tax paying members of the CID, it will truly be a juggernaut and would be a serious contender for the dollars available through federal, state, regional and county sources of grants.  These annual taxes collected (3 mills, or $3 for every $1,000 of assessed valuation which is 40 percent of the county business appraisal only for commercial, industrial and offices uses) will be used to improve the area.  Ann Rosenthal, President of the CID said that “…the funds are used within the CID area for transportation and infrastructure improvements, public safety, economic development and quality of life improvements.”   The CID Board installed two new representatives from the Northlake business area, including Peggy Berg of the Hampton Inn and Frank Goulding of Newell Recycling.  For more information, please go to the link on this website to the Tucker-Northlake CID website.


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DeKalb BOC Approves CID Expansion Into Northlake

On May 13, 2014, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners took action on a request by the Tucker Community Improvement District (CID) to expand into Northlake.  The new name, to be acted upon soon, will be the Tucker-Northlake Community Improvement District.  The NCA Board of Trustees voted unanimously in late 2013 to partner with Tucker CID to effect the expansion to include those businesses agreeing to participate in the Northlake area.  To date, approximately 70 businesses have signed up and that is expected to greatly increase in numbers over the next year.  This action will help the Tucker and Northlake business areas to make major public improvements and continue beautification through the attraction of grants matched by the funds collected by County for the CID.  This is a very positive step that will help this area of the county thrive and maintain itself as a healthy live, work and play community.

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NCA Annual Meeting 2014 Wrap-Up

The Northlake Community Alliance, Inc. Board of Trustees held it Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 8, 2014.  Approximately 80 area citizens and business owners received an update on area activities by NCA Chairman, Tom Ulbricht who talked about the imminent contracting process for the Phase 2 Streetscape Project to add lighting, sidewalk improvements, street furniture and landscaping on the streets from Lavista Rd at Briarcliff Rd. following Briarcliff Rd, Henderson Mill Rd., Northlake Parkway and Parklake Dr. back to Lavista.  It will also include Ranchwood Rd.  Mr. Ulbricht mentioned the newly formed Northlake Business Association and the close to 100 businesses that have already joined.

Mr. Ulbricht introduced Ann Rosenthal, President of the newly formed Tucker-Northlake Community improvement District, and she discussed their progress in signing up businesses in Northlake.  The keynote speaker was Doug Stoner, Managing Director of the Development Authority of DeKalb County.  Mr. Stoner gave a very informative and interesting presentation on many areas of economic development and innovative financing used to help business expansion in the county.  Mr. Stoner took many questions from the audience and the presentation and answers were well received.  At the end of the meeting, several County Commissioners and State Legislators were given an opportunity to briefly address the discussion topic and other subjects.  Thanks were given to Briarlake Baptist Church pastor Tommy Farrell and its administrator Tim Underwood for use of their auditorium.  It was a great evening and we urge all to join us in 2015 for the Annual Meeting or its bi-monthly board meetings.







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Tucker/Northlake CID Meeting Dates

Information dissemination about expansion of the Tucker Community Improvement District into Northlake is underway. Three meetings have been scheduled on consecutive days in January to give business owners and managers an opportunity to attend. There will be a brief presentation at each meeting to explain the benefits and cost for joining the CID. This is a very important tool for enhancing the economic viability and stability of the Northlake business district.  Please see the dates under Calendar in this website and please RSVP to:
Ann Rosenthal at <>
or call 404-245-3584 to RSVP.

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